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a roadmap to establishing your healthy lifestyle

Nine years ago, God set me on a path towards a journey I could have never imagined. This journey not only transformed my own life and health but early on ignited a passion to help and guide others to do the same. As I sought out to becoming a coach, not only did I pursue certifications and education, but I found much more was required of me. God saw fit that I learn through experience and dig deep into the parts of my life that needed to be changed. The road was difficult at times, and I know it’s not over. But it has also been so worth it as I begin to live a more vibrant life filled with purpose and strength. I have established a healthy lifestyle that is centered around what God desires for us all; a balance of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual habits, practiced with a mindset of grace.

For years I have been working on developing this program that will now take YOU on a journey through all four of these areas, just as I learned them. TWELVE areas (weeks) that will transform your thoughts about health. This is invaluable information that you will continue to use over and over throughout your journey of living healthy, living vibrant, and with purpose.

I’m looking for a select few who want to test out these things that I’ve learned for themselves. If this intrigues you, I want to invite you to join my waitlist. Space will be limited for the first round of the program (applications to follow). I’m excited to share with you all that I’ve learned over the last nine years.

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